Dear members of ISCAR Community,
As already pointed out in our previous message, ISCAR 2020 Congress Local Committee, responsible for holding our bi-annual congress, had to implement format changes in this event, moving from face to face to remote, and from the expected period of realization, August 2020, to July/August 2021. Such modifications have issued several questions and doubts among members of our community, issues that we propose to address here, gathered in topics, to make this dialogue more agile.

How ISCAR 2020/2021 will take place?
A customized digital web platform is being developed in order to host our event. This platform will bring about ISCAR 2020/2021 Congress online realization, with provision of virtual rooms for pre-conference activities (such as Teacher's Day and PhD Day), conferences, round tables, oral presentations, symposia, posters, book launches, group meetings and general assembly. Local Committee will provide additional details as soon as possible, such as instructions for web access and participation. Through this platform Congress participants will be able to access all activities of the event. It is worth saying that all this collection of presentations will be available on that platform for thirty days after the end of the event.
All invited key-note speakers have confirmed their participation?
We will count on the participation of Professors Ana Smolka (State University of Campinas - Brazil), Manolis Dafermos (University of Crete, Greece), Heila Lotz-Sisitka (Rhodes University, South Africa) and Lois Holzman (East Side Institute, USA). Conferences and lecturers are maintained.
What about PhD Day - how it will be reorganized?
PhD Day is confirmed, and it's going to happen. The organization of this activity is in charge of professors Nikolai Veresov (chair) and André Rodrigues (co-chair), and will have the support of a group of professors-researchers whose presence at the event has already been confirmed. Arrangements to adapt this activity to the remote format were taken by the organizers mentioned above, together with the Local Organizing Committee, and are being shared with the participating doctoral students.
Is it still possible to ask for inscription in ISCAR 2020-2021 Congress? New submissions of proposals are open?
YES, we clarify that it will be possible to register in order to participate in the event until the beginning of it. However, submission of proposals is finalized and the works that will be included in the program will be those already submitted and approved, and whose participants-authors have paid their registrations fees until April 19, 2021. On the other hand, please be aware that participants will be able to access all activities of the event, even after it is held.
Do authors and co-authors of approved propositions need to have paid their conference fees in order to have these propositions inserted in the congress proceedings?
At least 01 (one) of the authors of an approved proposal must have paid the conference fee, in order to have his/her proposal dully approved and dully inserted in the congress program and proceedings. All authors of approved papers will have their names inserted in the proceedings of the event, which will have remote publication duly registered with ISBN. Attendance certificates, on the other hand, will be delivered only to those who effectively have participated in the congress by access to the remote web platform.
Why the amount proposed to conference fees was kept without any reduction, considering the change of format to a web conference?
Please consider that the event did not receive budgetary support from any funding agency, so that the amount obtained from the payments of registration fees was the only source for coverage of costs such as hiring of general logistics companies, development of registration and submission software, digital platform to support the activities during the congress and other initiatives that became necessary for the adaptation of the congress to the remote format. For this reason the registration value could not be changed and remains the same as published on the event website:
What could be said about the activity’s organization of ISCAR 2020/2021 congress up to now?
The schedule of the round tables is being finalized by current time. The detailed schedule with locations and times of oral presentations and other activities will be disclosed after the deadline established for payment of registration fees and confirmation of registrations.

The above-mentioned points may not exhaust all possible questions of the community: feel at ease, if doubts still persist about these or other points, in seeking us through the email . We also suggest checking our Facebook page in

We are aware that nothing could replace the warmth of our conviviality under the sun, beaches and lagoons, gastronomy and music that contributed to elect Natal-RN-Brazil as the site of ISCAR 2020 - which needed to become 2021. This is a time of social responsibility and engagement, respect for science and overcoming. Together, we allow our congress to accomplish the motto that was chosen for its title – Cultural historical activity research in crises contexts: challenges and perspectives. We count on all of you to get there.

All the best, see you in ISCAR 2020/2021,

Jorge Falcão
ISCAR 2020/2021
Herculano Campos
ISCAR 2020/2021