Round Table #09

Higher psychological functions: critical analysis of contemporary (mis)conceptions in different research areas
20 Dec, 2019


Higher psychological functions: critical analysis of contemporary (mis)conceptions in different research areas

⭐️Sueli S. Fidalgo (Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Mrs. Fidalgo is a Professor at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), she holds Doctoral Degree in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies by the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUC-SP) and two Postdoctoral Fellowships in Linguistics and Applied Linguistics, both of which focused on Teacher Education for Children with Disabilities. Professor Fidalgo's theoretical framework is based on the Socio-Cultural-Historical theory, especially focusing on notions of mediation, conflict-collaboration negotiation with a view of ressignifying practices. Methodologically, Professor Fidalgo works with the concept of collaborative research (and collaborative teaching-learning methodologies), which she has published nationally and internationally. In 2011, and 2014, Professor Fidalgo was a Visiting Professor at Moscow Summer University. Currently, she is a Brazilian representative at the executive committee of the International Society for Cultural Activity Research – ISCAR.

⭐️Nikolai Veresov (Monash University, Australia)

Dr. Nikolay Veresov has experience as a daycare centre and kindergarten teacher (1987-1991) and secondary school teacher (1982-1987). He has got his first PhD degree in Moscow in 1990 and started his academic career in Murmansk (Russia) as a senior lecturer (1991-1993) and the Head of Department of Early Childhood (1993-1997). The second PhD was obtained in University of Oulu (Finland) in 1998. From 1999 to 2011 he had been affiliated to Kajaani Teacher Training Department (Finland) as a Senior Researcher and the Scientific Director of the international projects. He published 5 books and over 60 articles available in 10 languages. His area of interest is development in early years, cultural-historical theory and research methodology.

⭐️Viktor Zaretski (Moscow State University of Psychology and Education, Russia)

Professor Zaretsky, PhD in Psychology, Professor of the Department of Individual and Group Psychotherapy of the Faculty of Psychological Counseling at Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. Russian representative at the Executive Committee of ISCAR, as well as a Russian ambassador for the ISCAR congress in Australia. Member of the editorial board of the journal “Consultative Psychology and Psychotherapy”. Prof. Zaretsky is leading scientific and practical seminars on reflexive activity approach to helping children with learning disabilities. Professor has published more than 280 scientific papers.


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