Round Table #01

Perezhivanie, subjectivity and identity: theoretical and empirical challenges
17 Oct, 2019


Perezhivanie, subjectivity and identity: theoretical and empirical challenges


⭐️Moises Esteban-Guitart (University of Girona)

PhD in Educational Psychology, University of Barcelona with the dissertation topic: intercultural education, identity, indigenous population. Moises' areas of research and teaching interests are Cultural Psychology, identity, funds of knowledge, funds of identity, intercultural education, family-school-community, learning pathways, learning experiences, mobile-centric society, qualitative research.

⭐️Nikolai Veresov (Monash University)

Nikolai has an experience as a day care centre and kindergarten teacher (1987-1991) and secondary school teacher (1982-1987). He has got his first PhD degree in Moscow in 1990 and started his academic career in Murmansk (Russia) as a senior lecturer (1991-1993) and the Head of Department of Early Childhood (1993-1997). The second PhD was obtained in University of Oulu (Finland) in 1998. From 1999 to 2011 he had been affiliated to Kajaani Teacher Training Department (Finland) as a Senior Researcher and the Scientific Director of the international projects. He published 5 books and over 60 articles available in 9 languages. His area of interests is development in early years, cultural-historical theory, genetic research methodology.

⭐️Daniel Magalhães Goulart (University Center of Brasilia)PhD in Education by the University of Brasilia (FE-UnB), with an intership period at the Discourse Unit (Manchester, United Kingdom / CAPES). Master of Education also by the University of Brasilia (FE-UnB), Psychologist by the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters of Ribeirão Preto, University of São Paulo (FFCLRP-USP), and Special Bachelor of Research from the Faculty of Philosophy, Sciences and Letters at the same institution. Daniel has experience in research and teaching in the areas of Psychology, Mental Health, Education, Human Development, Subjectivity, Epistemology, and Qualitative Methodology. He is Full Professor of the Psychology undergraduate course and the Psychology and Health postgraduate course at the Faculty of Education and Health Sciences of the University Center of Brasília (FACES / UniCEUB).


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