Ana Luiza Bustamante Smolka (State University of Campinas, Brazil)

anaAna Luiza Bustamante Smolka is Professor at the Faculty of Education at State University of Campinas (Unicamp), SP, Brazil, where she has been working since 1979 in the areas of Education and Psychology, teaching at graduate and undergraduate levels and carrying out intervention and investigation projects. Her main research targets comprise school practices, including teaching relationships, literacy, discursive practices and special education. Professor Ana Luiza approaches human development from a historical-cultural perspective, contributing to both theoretical and empirical research effort of the Thought and Language Research Group. Graduated in Philosophy at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, she received her Master Degree at the University of Arizona, USA; her PhD on Education from the Faculty of Education at Unicamp, and developed a postdoctoral project at Clark University, Mass, USA. She held a position of Associate Director of the Faculty of Education (1996-2000; 2012-2016) and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in the same institution (2000-2002). From 1996 to 2000 she held the position of president of the Society for Sociocultural Studies and became member of the executive committee of the International Society for Cultural and Activity Theory (ISCAR, 2002-2008). She is currently in charge of the coordination of the Editorial Committee of Cadernos CEDES, a Brazilian Journal dedicated to Education.