How to Submit

Submission system


Access the submission system here or at the above orange button “Submit your proposal” and follow the instructions:


  1. First screen – use your e-mail to login


  1. Second screen – personal data, information for badge, and password

If you have registered and paid, you will be required to check your data. It is not necessary to fill the forms again.


  1. Third screen – review the rules


  1. Fourth screen – proposal details and author information

Fill the title, presentation category, themes, keywords, and authors’ names. If you are submitting for the PhD Day, you will not need to select a theme.

In author information, to convert names into Vancouver standards, click on the blue button bellow the name list.

Institution(s) must be informed bellow the box for author names. Pay attention to relate institution number to each author accordingly.

The one who submits needs all authors’ information (CPF/passport and institution).


  1. Fifth screen – review the proposal and author information and upload the abstract and supplementary document.

If the supplementary text is unpublished, fill the box.


  1. Sixth screen – confirmation, options to submit another proposal or to consult the proposal already submitted.


You will receive an e-mail confirming the submission.




General notes


  • You should submit your proposal up to November 10th, 2019.


  • You can submit for paper, poster or symposium – activities of the main event: 6th ISCAR Congress. Guidelines for organizing the proposals here. 

For symposium, one of the participants has to submit all papers that compose the session. Be aware to have all abstracts, supplementary texts and participants information (name, CPF/passport, institution) during submission. The chair person is the one who submits the symposium.


  • If you are a PhD student, you can also submit a proposal for the PhD Day. Guidelines for PhD Students’ Day here

Important: The PhD Day and the main event have independent registration and payments.


  • It is not necessary to pay the registration fee for the proposal submission. However, for presentation of the work and for abstract publication, payments for 6th ISCAR Congress and for PhD Day should be completed up to April 30th 2020.

Payment of the registration fee is mandatory for at least one of the authors.


  • Only abstracts will be published – Book of abstracts.

Supplementary texts for paper, poster, and symposium can be an unpublished text or articles submitted that have been either published or not.

The supplementary texts are mandatory.

Abstracts should be in English.


  • Each participant can be author in up to 2 proposals.

The registration system allows 2 registers for each participant regardless whether: the participant is first, second or third author; the category of the activity; the participant is the one responsible for submission.