How to Register

Registration and payment system


Access the payment system here or at the above orange button “Register and pay” and follow the instructions:


  1. First screen – general information and registration fees in Brazilian Real

Use your e-mail to login.


  1. Second screen

If you have already filled your personal information when submitting a proposal, you will be required to insert your password. Use the password you have created during submission.

Remember, you can submit a proposal without paying the registration fee. It is also possible to pay before submitting your proposal. Your personal information will be filled only once, and your login will be the e-mail address you provided.

If you are going to pay the registration fee before submitting, in the second screen you will fill your personal information, badge information, and password.


  1. Second or Third screen

If you are going to pay the registration fee before submitting, you will need to choose the activities in the second screen.

If you have already filled your personal information, you will need to confirm it in the third screen. Choose the activities you would like to enrol: 6th ISCAR (main event) or PhD Day or Workshop.

When you select 6th ISCAR it is necessary to indicate your category: ISCAR associate, ISCAR non associated or student.

The definition of low-income fee will be predefined based on your personal information (country).

You can choose one of the activities or two.



  1. Fourth screen – review and confirm registration data and selected activities


  1. If you have selected the category student a proof is required. Documents must uploaded in the following formats: PDF, JPG or GIF.



  1. Fifth or Sixth screen – payment information

Payments are made by credit card.

Important: credit card payments completed by January 15th 2020 can be divided in up to 3 instalments.


You will receive an e-mail confirming the payment.



  1. Sixth screen – payment receipt and option to visit your registration area.

In your registration area, you can consult the student document you have uploaded (if you are student), the activities you have registered, your personal information, and the proposals you have submitted.


By accessing you registration area, you can also enrol in new activities. You do not need to choose all activities you would like to participate at once.

Pay attention that fees will change at specific deadlines.