1. Concept of crisis in the field of cultural-historical activity: development and transformations.
  2. Epistemology and method.
  3. Effects of economic and social crisis on human development: health, education, labor and human rights.
  4. Contexts and working relationship: analyses and perspectives.
  5. Health and human development.
  6. Education: teaching, learning and human development.
  7. Challenges and perspectives in Educational and School Psychology.
  8. The constitution of subjects and subjectivity in different contexts.
  9. Social inclusion and school inclusion of people with disabilities and with special needs.
  10. Social media, new technologies, new languages ​​in the transformation processes.
  11. Art as a possibility for understanding and social transformation.
  12. Challenges and prospects for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education).
  13. Contemporary perspectives for Neuropsychology